Day 333: change my diaper now

Yesterday I wrote about the little guy throwing away his diaper.  It’s pretty funny and awesome to see :). Today he did something really funny, also diaper related.

We change him in the laundry room on a pad on the floor.  We started with the on-the-floor changing when he started moving around more (maybe around 6 months), because why risk it?  So we were in the laundry room and we were looking at the towels in the washing machine.  He walked over to the basket that contains the diapers, grabbed one, sat down on his changing pad, and held it out to me while saying “da” (which is what he says when he wants something).

I said, “what is it?  Is that a diaper?”  And he responded with, “da,” and pushed it to me.  So I asked, “do you want me to change your diaper?”  And he happily went to his back and didn’t give me any hassle as I changed his barely-wet diaper.

Since his diaper was not very wet at all, I assume one of two things is happening: 1) he wanted me to change him so he could have a diaper to throw away.  2) he wanted me to change him because he is becoming more aware of his body – maybe he had just peed.  Either way, it is fascinating! 🙂


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