Day 335: Separation Anxiety from Mamma

My wife arrived back home a few nights ago, and with this came a change that happens every time she is gone.  When it is just me and the little guy, he is happy and never whines; usually we just go about our day doing things in harmony.  But then when my wife is around, all hell breaks loose.  He walks around whining all day long, he doesn’t eat during meals, he wants attention always, and he freaks out when she leaves the room.

Basically it is the most annoying thing possible.  If you can imagine not working so you can take care of your son, and spending all your time with him – and then have him throw it in your face by ignoring you when the other parent is around, then you can see where I am coming from here.  On the one hand it bothers me, but on the other hand it makes sense and it would be the same way if my wife was home and I were working.  Regardless,,it still doesn’t make it feel any better.   

So for now I just watch the two of them like two peas in a pod, while I take a breathe and enjoy the momentary freedom that comes at the expense of my wife having a 14-month-old shadow following her around.


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