Day 355: Put Me Back in Bed, Please

For as long as I can remember the little guy sleeping in his own bed (crib), we have had a wake-up ritual.  He sleeps there, and then in the morning when he wakes up, we bring him over into our bed to cuddle and have a cozy little morning before we head off into the day.

So, as you know, we have come back to Hong Kong and transitioned his sleeping so that he does not wake up 3 times a night.  And it has been working for the last few nights, with him sleeping thru the night.  The thing is, he is going to bed a little later, and it takes him a little longer to fall asleep.  It used to be pretty quick – read a few books, give him the bottle, and then he sleeps (and then he wakes up 2 hours later).  Now it takes at least an hour while he stumbles around in his crib trying to get comfortable, talks to me and/or my wife, and just generally delays the inevitable of falling asleep.  Today for example it was 9:20 before he fell asleep.  That means in theory he will sleep until 8:50 tomorrow (he has been sleeping 11,5 hours a night for months).  Of course other things have changed since we got back – lots more exercise, different eating routine, a “bedtime snack”, only 1 nap, and so on.

So, keeping in mind that we are still making sure we are past jetlag, the other morning, I had to wake up the little guy before he woke up on his own (for fear he would sleep too late and then his bedtime would slip later and later).  So, I picked him up from bed and brought him over to our bed to cuddle.  He smiled and laughed for a very short time while we laid there after he woke up a bit, and then pointed to the door of our bedroom.  So, I carried him there, and he pointed to his bedroom.  Then, he pointed to his bed.  He wanted me to put him back into his bed so he could keep sleeping, or keep enjoying the comfort of his bed.  So I laid him back in bed and he laughed, laid down for a second, and then got up on his own terms.  It was one of the funniest things he’s done for a while 😉


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