Day 364: Pat the Bunny

patthebunnyOne of the little guy’s favorite books at the moment is an awesome kids book called “Pat the Bunny.”  This is a book that, according to the back cover, was first published in 1940, and has since sold over 6 million copies.  There are also other stories in the series like Pat the Puppy and Pat the Cat, but the bunny one is the original.

So, the story goes that there are Paul and Judy, and they can do things.  And you (the reader) can do things too.  For example, Judy can pat the bunny, and you can too!  Paul can play peek-a-boo (he’s behind the piece of fabric).  Paul can smell the flowers, which smell like flowers – and actually smell the exact same as they did when I had this book as a kid (which is crazy to me).  And there are also scratchy whiskers on the dad, and some other interactive touch-and-feel elements.

daddy's scratchy face.jpg
what a hipster that dad is with that shaving cream brush!

I was really excited to get this book for my son, and it did not take him long to really like it.  I mean after all, it’s fun to read a book where there is something completely new and fun to interact with on every page – so I am not surprised this book has been going strong for so many years.  If you have not looked into getting this book for your toddler or someone else’s as a gift, I would recommend it for sure!


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