Day 368: Tired Toddler, Exhausted Dad

The little guy had a horrible night last night (and therefore so did me and my wife).  He had been acting a little weird the last few days, mainly he was not eating and he was whining more than normal.  But then it all came to a head last night, when he woke up freaking out, crying inconsolably, and generally not really being too thrilled about anything.  He had a super stuffed-up nose, so he could not breathe, so it was probably freaking him out a bit.  I think it is all due to teething, because he is drooling like crazy, and thru the day he seemed to intermittently be in pain, but it could also be a cold or something else.

Anyway, last night, he eventually he calmed down and joined us in our bed.  That’s when what I would call the “fun” started.  My wife is not what you would describe as a restful sleeper.  On a peaceful night, she bounces around the bed like a Mexican Jumping Bean while I try to sleep through all the rustling.  Meanwhile I sleep quite still and quietly; my wife describes me as looking like a dead person.  And who did my son take after?  Especially when sick?  My wife.  So the two of them are in the bed moving around so much you would think they were having some kind of dance party.  Nonetheless, I tried to sleep amidst the chaos.

When we finally did start the day, I was ok but mildly tired.  But as the day progressed, the little guy was either crazy happy or crazy upset – and to be honest, the highs and lows wore me out.  If you think having a tired and whiny baby is hard, try having a tired and whiny toddler.  One who cannot talk yet.  I usually can handle all the crazy he throws at me with good humor, but some days the amount of unreasonable things that happen are really over the top.

He wants to go here, NO HE DOES NOT WANT TO GO HERE!  Ok, lets go there.  NO I WANT TO GO TO THE FIRST PLACE!  He wants an apple.  TAKE OFF THE PEEL!  Ok, now the peel is gone.  WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PEEL?  THIS IS NOT AN APPLE!!!  He wants his ball now.  GET THIS BALL OUT OF MY FACE!  He needs a diaper change.  WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!  (in the ALL CAPS text, it was always accompanied by a freakout)

Amidst all the above, there is still the battles with eating meals, playing at playgrounds, running after him to make sure he does not fall down stairs, and other general parenting things.  So today is one of those days that I go to bed as early as I can.  Off to get whatever sleep I can so that when tomorrow’s freakouts happen, I can just laugh them off. 😉


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