Day 376: Time for a Basketball Hoop

Yesterday I made a trip to Sham Shui Po to the “toy store street” I wrote about previously and purchased a few new items for the little guy.  A bunch of balls, a new scooter, and a basketball hoop were on the list, and I found everything I wanted, plus a few things I did not realize I wanted before the trip.

the new toy

So, this morning I set up the basketball hoop for the little guy, and after I put the ball thru the hoop 1 time, he did not need any more of a tutorial.  He was slamming it, jamming it, and dunking it.  He was shooting and missing, shooting and making it, and generally having a great time.  I was not too surprised because he is such a fan of ball games like football (soccer), and in this one you get to use your hands, so that’s probably amazing to him.

One funny thing happened.  I was sitting about 3 meters back from the hoop, shooting some shots to have some fun of my own.  Seeing this, the little guy decided to change his game-playing.  Instead of dropping the ball right in from close range, he decided he too wanted to shoot the ball from 3 meters away.  The only thing is, his range is about 0,5 meters.  So, he would go and get a ball, come back to where I was sitting and drop down into sitting position, and then he would “shoot” (throw) the ball towards the hoop.  This went on for at least 30 minutes, even when I tried to remind him that it should be played more up-close.  I hope this is just the first of many times that we play basketball together in the future 🙂


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