Day 386: a great memory in the pool

Today we made our trip to Thailand!  Tjoho!  It was a smooth flight and we arrived without incident to the resort we are staying at outside of Phuket.  Love it when that happens 🙂

This afternoon we spent our time walking around the grounds of the resort and enjoying the beauty of the place.  It’s a big complex basically, and I’ll write a review of it later.  It was pretty warm, like 28 degrees c, so the little guy (and we) were ready to cool down.

By the time we got to the pool it was not soooooo hot outside, but it was perfect for a swim.  We sat there in the shallower water playing with a beach ball I got for the little guy that looks like a watermelon.  

He was having such a nice time, enjoying the wonder of splashing water, walking around a little bit, and he even tried to sit in water that was a bit over his head.  He loved it all.  

He loved playing with us, and I just sat there and looked at him and reveled in how much I love this little person.  He is not always a dream to be around, but there is never a question in my mind of the love I have for him.  Today, while I sat there in the pool, I realized how fleeting the moment is, and how he will never be this age again; never be satisfied with a simple splash in the pool.  But today he was, and that’s all that mattered. 

a pool built for making memories

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