Day 388: Doing something for the photo or for the experience?

In the age of Instagram, Snapchat, and all the other social media, it seems like there’s a photo out there for every moment; everything special and unique that could happen.  It could be me, it could be you, it could be a big celebrity – regardless of who it is, we are all posting an image of something we have done or are doing.

So, when we go on vacation to a place like Thailand, are we doing things because we want to do them, or because of the cool photo?  For example, today we had a young coconut to drink while we enjoyed the ocean breeze.  We walked along the beach with the little guy and his sand toys.  We took a walk along the boardwalk to take in the sunset.  I held the little guy when we were in the ocean, looking at the boats go by.  My wife played with the little guy at the pool.  

Do we do this things because we genuinely want to experience them, or is there a part of us (small or large) that wants us to do it so we can share it on social media?  Of course we learned growing up that sharing is a good thing, but this kind of sharing is more of the “look how cool this is,” rather than “experience this with me.”

So I sat there posting a picture of the coconut on Instagram wondering, did we really want this coconut, or was it the picture it afforded us?  Then I looked over at my wife enjoying it immensely, and realized for her at least, she really wanted the coconut 😉 

look how great our exotic vacation is!
enjoy then share or enjoy to share?


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