Day 394: Hey Good Lookin’

The little guy could quite possibly be a narcissist.  I mean it in the old, original use of the term from Greek mythology.  You know, when Narcissus falls in love with his own image in a reflection in the lake.  I think the same thing happens every time the little guy sees a mirror.

Brushing the teeth is usually something the little guy likes doing, most likely because he gets to look at himself.  In the mornings, after a little cuddle time in the bed with me and his mom, he will usually see himself in a small mirror on our closet and smile and talk to himself.  In the same mirror later this morning, he was kissing his own reflection.

It is super funny at the moment how intrigued he is by his own reflection.  This person on the wall is so fun!  This person is also sticking out their tongue!  This person also touches their hair!  But he knows this other person is him, and that’s what makes it so interesting.  He is learning about himself in a different way than usual every time he sees a mirror, and in the process he always takes a moment to say, “hey good lookin’.”


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