Day 398: The Importance of”Regular” Play Time

Sometimes with the little guy I am so focused on go-go-go.  We need to go here, there, to this playground, then this park, then this thing.  He needs to be stimulated, to be worn out, to see things and experience the world.  But I forget about how important it is to give him simple regular old play time, too.

This morning we had someone coming to our apartment at 10, so we were here playing and reading for the whole morning, which was nice.  We were off to meet our friends at one of the playgrounds, when I got a call that they had to take off and was invited to just hang out for a bit with a friend of the little guy’s and his dad.

It was so nice!  To see these little guys playing together, dancing to the music together, sharing (stealing) toys with one another.  There was a lot of reading, and both kids came to me and to the father to be read to.  There was no crying, no fussing, just a lot of fun.

So it was resolved that we will do things like this more often for our kids.  Running around in the park and the playgrounds, and going on trips to the city are all important.  But so is having that good, old, “regular” play time, too.


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