Day 409: fever makes another appearance

A few of the little guy’s friends have had a high fever lately.  Additionally my wife has had fever and a cold.  So naturally this afternoon, the little guy developed a fever of his very own, to fit in with the group. 😉

It’s so difficult when your little one has a fever, because of the wide variety of things that could be causing it.  And because of the wide variety of potential causes, you don’t know how worried you should be.  And then there’s the thing that sometimes little ones simply have a fever for no real reason – just to make things more complicated.

My money is that he has gotten my wife’s cold.  They are super close all the time, cuddling and kissing and basically exchanging saliva at times.  So it could be that.  It could also be teething, because I noticed today he wanted to eat a lot of crackers, which are crunchy and probably soothe sore gums.

Whatever the cause, I can only think, “here we go again,” and hope that he is ok and back to his energetic self soon.  It’s never easy to see your loved ones be sick.


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