Day 412: Getting A Little Dizzy

So, the little guy has a new “thing” he likes to do.  Sure, he’s a toddler, so that means he is doing a lot of weird stuff – this new one is both weird and funny to watch.  He spins himself around and around, getting dizzy.  Of course at the end of the spinning, he can’t walk very well – usually ending in a fall and laughter.

Now, I remember doing this when I was a kid, but I was obviously a lot older than the 17 months that the little guy is.  I remember loving the sensation of spinning and seeing the world fly by, as I seemed to go around faster than a top.  And now, as I watch my son spinning around, it makes me nostalgic for the simpler times of young childhood – when the biggest concern you have is that you wanted strawberry ice cream and only got chocolate instead.

The little guy is spinning more and more lately – which means more and more often he is stumbling around like a drunken fool and falling to the ground while laughing.  It’s even funnier to me because it’s not like he can really walk straight to begin with, given his age.   As it is a new trick to him, yesterday at the toy company photo shoot, he was doing this spinning with a few of the toys that he especially liked (musical instrument toys).  It was really funny for me to watch, but for the photographer and the people from the toy company who wanted a good photo, this was not as amusing 😉

I wonder how long this getting dizzy phase will go on for – I would assume it will last a short time, and then come out occasionally from his bag of tricks as he gets older.  As usual with everything behavioral with him, I find it all fascinating!


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