Day 440: What’s This?

Yesterday I wrote that the little guy is saying “hi” and “bye bye” a lot right now.  And that is no lie!  Today I think he must have said “bye bye” at least a thousand times – and it makes sense because it’s a way that he knows to say he is finished with something or wants to move on.

Tonight we were doing some evening reading, which usually consists of quite a few different books.  And he brought me thick one with a bunch of different animals in it, called “Mina Favoritdjur” (“My Favorite Animals”).  And then when I opened the page, he pointed to the first one and said, clearly: “what’s this?”  I told him what it was, and he did the same for every animal for the next 4 or 5 pages.  After that, it kind of became a muddled circle of made-up words.

It made sense that he said, “what’s this” – because this is what I ask him when we are reading.  And since he is basically copying everything we do right now, and he is also starting to assert more and more what he wants – and in this case, he wanted to control how I read to him – instead of me controlling the reading, he took over.  And, it especially makes sense (tonight he saw me dipping sushi into the dish before I ate, so he mimicked pouring soy sauce into a dish and dipping the food).

It makes you wonder, which other things that I say (or do) a lot is he going to pick up?  One of his friends is wagging his pointer finger like his dad does when he says no – so now if he sees someone doing something not ok, he wags his finger.  But what things has little guy picked up from me that will keep sprouting up?  It will be interesting to see! 😉


what’s this? what’s this? what’s this?

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