Day 452: the final days before the move

Here we are now with our empty apartment, suitcases virtually all packed, and the little guy sleeping in a makeshift bed.  Tomorrow the movers come, we go to a hotel for a few nights, and then we go on our way.

The important thing for me has been to “let go” now of any last minute things that I may have wanted to do now; just enjoy the rest of our time here.

In doing so, this means maintaining the routines for the little guy is of utmost importance.  It is important so he will feel secure, and not be bothered by any changes.  I think he has been doing really well so far, although this could be because we have always been going a lot, packing up and flying off – so he probably knows we are going to go again and it is not a big deal.  Or, maybe he is just concerned with playing and eating, so as long as those things are covered, he’s just fine 😉


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