Day 1: Here We Go

My wife is on the train with our son and I am taking all our bags in a taxi.  At the airport we will pack our Joolz Day into our Stokke PramPack, and then we will carry our son on our Baby Bjorn.

the gear: stokke pram pack, joolz day, and baby bjorn

Our son is 3,5 months and on our first flight (Stockholm-Oslo) a few weeks ago as our test run, he was “that baby”  (screaming the whole flight) and we were “those people” (who can’t control their screaming baby).  The return was a little better, but I think my hair is a shade greyer.

This trip is a bit longer:  We are going from Stockholm to Hong Kong.  This is a trip we have done many times before – without a child.  6 months ago this would be a breeze, but now with a baby we have a long day ahead of us, and it will be the start of an interesting year ahead.

My wife is Swedish and lives and works in Hong Kong, and I am an American with residence in Sweden.  My last day at work was Friday, and now I’m taking parental leave to take care of our son.  To most Americans, the idea of doing this is a bit unconventional, but it is the norm in Sweden.  Not the Hong Kong part – the dad-taking-leave-part.  I have always loved working, but now my job is to take care of my son, who up until this week was often skeptical at the sight of me and was unimpressed at my amazing diaper changing skills and inability to breastfeed.  What an adventure we have ahead.


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