Day 2: First Long Flight

We flew from Stockholm to Hong Kong via Frankfurt.  Flight 1 with the little guy went well – no screaming, no hassle.  He was a perfect gentleman.  Flight 2, the long one, over 11 hours with a few hours delay before our departure was the real concern for us.

We flew with Lufthansa – side note: you have to book a baby cot in advance, and that means you pay for booking your seats when you book the baby cot.

baby cot on lufthansa

So there we were, seated in 34A and 34B.  No chance to get an aisle seat, so we were concerned about that poor aisle person – would he have us sitting next to him with a screaming baby? Would we have to disturb him by getting up a lot? He was a nice guy, very relaxed – reminded me of an Austrian Richard Gere.  That made us feel relaxed and at ease.  On top of that, our son was in prime mood for the flight (being an overnight flight), so we were happily on our way.

How did it go?  Awesome!  The little guy looked like a pro.  He slept well, and when he was awake he was charming.  My wife and I managed smoothly to feed and change him, and even got a little sleep ourselves.  And best yet we didn’t disturb the other passengers too much.  Victory!

Once in Hong Kong, we strapped him into the Baby Bjorn, and got thru immigration and picked up our bags.  We booked a car to pick us up and he was ready and waiting, drove carefully (rare in HK!), and we made it back to the apartment that we are calling home, in Tai Kok Tsui.

Now we are both exhausted and we have a new challenge – baby with jetlag.  My wife goes back to work tomorrow, so it will be an interesting day!


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