Day 13: Lunch In the Park

Today we meet again in the park for lunch.  I pick up lunch, and we meet at this small park near my wife’s work.  The park is in the middle of the busy streets, but it is fragrant with tropical flowers and offers a little bit of peace and some privacy for breastfeeding.  The area we go to is a part of the larger park is called Sham Shui Po Sports Ground, which also has a football field, track, and some basketball courts.

the grounds – we meet in the upper left corner

Not a bad place for a little meetup as a family, to keep my wife in the loop – and me sane 😉

floral getaway for lunch at Sham Shui Po Sports Ground

2 thoughts on “Day 13: Lunch In the Park

  1. […] One thing my parents really enjoyed while they were here was the dumplings.  My wife and I brought them to a few relatively famous dumpling places around Hong Kong, and I also introduced them to one of my favorite Taiwanese dumpling places in Cheung Sha Wan called 八方雲集鍋貼水餃專門店.  I have no idea what the name is using western characters, but I think it is a chain, and the food they have is amazing (they also have awesome drinks) – it is my favorite place to get food for those lunches in the park with my wife. […]


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