Day 46: Dumplings

My parents are on their way back home now, after a 2-week visit.  It was so nice to have them visiting, and it warms my heart to remember how much joy they got from holding, playing with, and simply looking at the little guy.  I will never forget their visit, it was really special.

One thing my parents really enjoyed while they were here was the dumplings.  My wife and I brought them to a few relatively famous dumpling places around Hong Kong, and I also introduced them to one of my favorite Taiwanese dumpling places in Cheung Sha Wan called 八方雲集鍋貼水餃專門店.  I have no idea what the name is using western characters, but I think it is a chain, and the food they have is amazing (they also have awesome drinks) – it is my favorite place to get food for those lunches in the park with my wife.

In all, we ate at three restaurants that have been in the Michelin Guide.  I could talk about all three because they were all good for various reasons, but the one I wanted to mention is called Wang Fu.  It’s on Hong Kong island on 65 Wellington Street, and it is one of those places I would have just walked right by, but we wanted dumplings and we were in the midlevels, and that’s what the internet brought us to.  One reviewer said “might be the best dumplings you’ve ever had”, and that is a stretch, but still pretty good.

One of the things that make me qualify a dumpling as “not good” is if you can only taste “meaty” flavors – like you are eating a chunk of pork or fish wrapped in a dumpling casing.  When that happens, you rely on the mixture of soy and vinegar to carry the dumpling because there is not much seasoning there to make it interesting.  But the dumplings here had really nice flavor, and tasted like they were made by someone who takes pride in their dumplings,  and knows what they are doing.  I should also point out that this is one of those places where if you have a little guy with you that is 5 months old, you spend the whole time keeping his hands away from everything – the environment in the restaurant is not what we would consider up to “Swedish standard”.  In other words, this place is local.  Fortunately for the world, the food is awesome, and it is a fun experience.  But if you can’t get past the interior, you can also get them takeaway 😉

Wang Fu from the street
Wang Fu from the street
gorgeous and awesome dumplings
gorgeous and awesome dumplings
you don't pay for the atmosphere
you don’t pay for the atmosphere

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