Day 28: Working out in the Park Hong Kong Style

On those morning walks I like to take with the little guy through the parks, when it is early (for Hong Kong, 8:00 is early) and the city is just “waking up”, you would think the parks would be empty, right?  Nope.  They are packed with people (mainly retired people), and most of them are exercising. 

 The word “exercise” should be used loosely here, but basically I think anything you do to stay active is good, especially when you get older.  The activity I have seen in the parks ranges from Tai Chi and Badminton to walking while clapping hands or slapping their arms, faces, and legs.  The clapping and the slapping are the hardest to get used to, especially if you are on a skype call with your friends or family in the USA. 

I took a video to show the people gathering in the park to work out – you can see it does not really qualify as “working out” by American or Swedish standards, but it definitely fits the definition here.  Unfortunately you can’t hear the music with the video, but you can probably imagine it.

lots of people “working out”

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