Day 29: Moving

I mentioned earlier that we are moving, and yesterday was the big day.  This was a big process, involving me staying home and finishing up with the final packing and staying with the movers, and my wife taking the little guy to the new place and doing the walk thru and making sure everything was ready to go.

I’ve moved so many times in my life, it’s now just an annoying thing I have to do occasionally – like doing your taxes (for Swedish readers doing taxes in America is crazy complicated compared to the nice system in Sweden).

How do you move in Hong Kong?  I have never used a mover, but getting a truck and driving everything would be absolutely horrible with the left side of the street driving, small streets, and chaotic drivers here, and the cost would probably be cheaper to just get a mover.  So for us, the best way to do it is to get a mover.  They came to see our place and gave us a quote, then dropped off some boxes to pack.  You can also get movers where they pack your stuff for you, but this option was cheaper and we didn’t mind.  Then they come and get everything, take it to the new place, and bring it in and reassemble anything needed.

The guys we used were super efficient, it was clearly not the first time they have done this – packing up the apartment started at 14:30 and they left the new apartment 17:00.  The majority of the time was in the actual transport of the goods from the old apartment to the new one.  During the process I actually just tried to stay out of the way – kind of like when my wife was giving birth and all the doctors and midwives were running around (more on that in a future post).

packed up and ready to go

We will receive other things we bought (from stockroom and ikea, for example) later this week, and the apartment will slowly feel like home every day.  It’s bigger and hopefully it is just be right size for our family.  We are excited to be in a place with clean air, quieter streets, and a bit more “tranquil” vibe.  Last night we for a walk and went to dinner at a German chain called Berliner and it already felt like we were miles away from our previous apartment, where we were basically in the middle of everything from the time we walked out the door.  Our happiness when we were walking in the new neighborhood, where we could breathe and talk and enjoy the air was a cool thing to experience.  It will be a little longer commute for my wife to/from work, but it’s all about the little guy (and us) being in a more healthy environment instead of all urban.  I hope he (and we) enjoy it in a discovery bay!

the old neighborhood
the old neighborhood
the new neighborhood
the new neighborhood

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