Day 50: Back to Sweden

Tonight we head back to Sweden for a little while.  It’s nice to be going back, where we can see the family of my wife and some friends as well.  There have been a lot of transitions and new things the last 6 weeks, so this is a nice return to familiarity.

2 passports and 2 tickets for the little guy

This flight is with Swiss Air via Zurich to Stockholm.  It’s a relatively short flight at 13 hours, so we are hoping it will go as smoothly as the last flight.  Being a night flight, we are super hopeful that the little guy will just call asleep right away and enjoy the ride.  So far, checkin and the people working for Swiss Air in Hong Kong have been a bit nicer than Lufthansa, but we are a bit annoyed that there was an additional charge for us to have our seats together (why wouldn’t we?!).  I look forward to seeing how they are to fly with – this being our 4th airline with the little guy (Norwegian, SAS, Lufthansa, and now Swiss).

Aside from seeing family and friends, the things we are looking most forward to being back in Sweden:

  • Thai food (don’t ask me to explain, but it is better in Sweden!)
  • Indian food – same as above
  • Tonnbrödsrulle
  • Fresh air
  • People who do not talk loudly
  • Fewer people in general
  • Colder weather
  • Being “home” in general
  • Walks in Sweden are fresh and invigorating – a lot of those 🙂

It is also exciting that the little guy is in a really “fun” phase right now, and family and friends will get to see that.  For example before we left tonight, the he was having laugh attacks while we played a version of “peek-a-boo” with him.  Overall there is a lot to look forward to on this trip!


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