Day 51: It’s Nice to be Home

We finally arrived in Stockholm after 25 hours traveling from Hong Kong.  This was due to a 2,5 hour delay on the tarmac in Hong Kong, which the little guy slept thru, but we did not.   Overall he was a real “trooper” today and was generally charming and delightful, despite being clearly tired.  If only me and my wife were also this way (it must skip a generation 😉 )

We arrived this afternoon when it was an absolutely gorgeous day.  Spring is here in Sweden, and the sun was out, the weather was perfect (cold but not bitter cold), and the town was alive with people.  So, we got all of our things sorted with our accommodation, and then went out for a nice walk along the water and simply enjoyed being home.

It is a funny thing being back home.  On the one hand there is a sense of familiarity about it – after all, it is the place you missed while you were gone, but you knew would be there waiting for you.  It’s like that pair of shoes that you always wear and you keep in your closet even when you buy new ones – and after the charm of having that new pair wears off quickly, you go right back into that other pair of shoes that you know so well.  That is the feeling of being home.  There might be newness in other places, but there is also something good in the “old” familiarity of the place you left behind.

There is discussion about if we need to get a bigger place than our 2 room 42 square meter (420 square feet) flat, upon our return.  Of course we need to get a bigger place, the little guy will be bigger and we will also be used to the bigger space in our Hong Kong apartment.  So then the discussion goes to where we will live.  I am in love with our neighborhood in Stockholm, and it would be hard to leave it behind.  But, there is something appealing about getting a little bigger place, maybe with a yard, out in the suburbs.  Those are words I never thought I would say type.  But, when you have a family, you say and do things that you never thought you would, and your priorities shift.  I can say that already, in 5 months of being a dad, I have experienced a fundamental shift in priorities, and it is not a bad thing that came uncomfortably, but one that came naturally with the flow of life.

When it’s all said and done, the expression “home is where the heart is” is definitely true – I have moved too many times for this expression not to be tattooed on my heart.  But that does not mean that all the homes you have had do not hold on to a little (or big) piece of your heart.  It seems like the phases in life that we go through (good and bad) get attached to the memories from that place, and we see a flash of all of those old times when we think of or go to that old place.  So, being home, in that “old place” is special because it forces us to intertwine that old and new, to mix them together.  New memories mix with old, and that’s probably what keeps the old home “alive.”  So, as we dance with the idea of moving from our neighborhood eventually because of our new family needs, we just have to keep appreciating what we like about where we are while we are there.  After all, it’s nice to be home.


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