Day 69: Baby Swim!

Today I took the little guy to a baby swim – our first trip to the pool together!  I had pictured that baby swim would involve talking quietly with the baby, easing him into and out of the water, and otherwise acting like we are in a library, but in the water.  Nope.  That is not what happens at all!

Basically from the moment the class started, we were super active – there was no rest for the weary.  It felt like pool bootcamp for the parents with the children being our weights.  Ok, not really, but I was actually tired afterwards.  What we did was a lot of holding the baby in front of us and helping them kick their legs or move their arms, and instructing them, like “kick, kick, kick, kick,” and so on.  As it was our first time, the little guy did not go under the water, but that is coming in the next session I think.

Before we went today, we were notified that they need everyone to use the “2-nappy system” for their swimming babies: 1) Swimming diaper, and 2) “happy nappy”-like product that goes over the diaper.  Basically it is important that any waste that were to come out of the little swimmers stays contained.  I really like the “happy nappy”, which is made of neoprene and feels kind of streamlined.  The little guy did not seem to mind it, either 🙂

Happy Nappy Baby Swimsuit
Happy Nappy Baby Swimsuit

And did the little guy like it?  Absolutely!  He was not at all concerned about the water and was having a lot of fun splashing and learning to move.  It was a 40 minute session, and the time went by quickly for both of us.  I am looking forward to going again next week!


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