Day 70: Graco Citilite R: A Good City Stroller / Travel Stroller

Today we purchased our “city stroller” to use when we go into the city and when we travel.  We already have a Joolz Day, which we left in Sweden this trip because it is getting really beat up when we fly with it, even though we use the Stokke Pram Pack.  We decided then to buy a “cruiser” like the Joolz Day to use in Discovery Bay, so we found a Maclaren Grand Tour LX used for 1000 HKD (1100 SEK, 120 USD), which we really like.  But we cannot bring it into the city.

So, today we headed out to Hong Kong island to take a look at what was out there, and we ended up purchasing the Graco Citilite R in blue/white.  I think the more common color is red/black, but we liked how this looked.  They usually run about 2100 HKD (2250 SEK, 270 USD), but we scored it on major sale for 1300 HKD (1400 SEK, 170 USD).

Graco Citilite R
Graco Citilite R

Here’s what I like about it:

  • it is super light (4,5 kg – about 9.9 pounds)
  • size – this is one of the smallest strollers on the market
  • reversible, so you can have the child facing the direction you walk, or face you (rare for these light strollers)
  • collapsible with 1 hand, can do it while holding the little guy (and so can my wife), and it collapses into a nice small size
  • expandable with 1 hand as well
  • when collapsed, there is a shoulder strap to carry it
  • comfortable ride for the little guy – he liked riding in it most the afternoon
  • looks ok
  • bar across the front means we can steer with 1 hand
  • Mesh basket underneath for storing small things
  • Good maneuverability
  • HUGE shade that you can basically pull over the whole baby area that also has mesh for air
  • Adjustable backrest for the little guy – from almost sitting straight up to almost lying all the way down
  • Price – much better than the nearest competitor, the Yoyo
  • Leg rest is extendable, and even has a cover that you can pull out for cold days
  • 5-point harness on the seat holds the little guy in and makes him secure
  • Has a cross bar (I don’t know why this is important to me, but I guess it makes me feel like the little guy is more secure)

Here’s what I do not like about it:

  • Looks cheap (but to be fair to Graco, all strollers in this category look cheap)
  • Feels cheap (all plastic, what can I say?!)
  • Stability is not as solid as our bigger ones (but still seems safe, and feels better with the weight of the little guy in it than when you try it out in the store without a baby in it)

Overall I am happy with our purchase – of course it is day 1, so we will see over time how I feel about it, but when I compare the price with what we got, and the features it has, it seems like a winner.  And key thing is that the little guy seems to like it too, which is above all the most important thing.


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