Day 72: Stay at Home Dad (or Mom) = Super Efficiency

The little guy is down for a nap, which normally goes for about 45 minutes.  That means I have 45 minutes to do a variety of things:

  • clean up in the kitchen
    • do the dishes
    • empty the trash
    • clean bottles
    • prepare next bottle
  • make sure living room, baby room, bedroom, and bathrooms are looking good, clean, and not cluttered (which they may have become with a baby in tow)
  • eat
  • put everything out for whatever we are doing next in the day, so that I don’t have to do it with a no-longer-very-small baby in my arms

That last one is key.  I have written about setting yourself up for success by proactively planning your day, including feedings and diaper changes, and this is the same thing.  If I want to be less stressed about whatever it is that me and the little guy are doing next, I need to set myself up for success by using his sleep time to get ready.

Basically, when he falls asleep, the stopwatch starts ticking NOW! and I’ve gotta get on it – no rest for the weary.  Now I have about 3 minutes until I think he will wake up.  Better go pee.


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