Day 77: Whiny Baby at Bedtime

I’ve written about the importance of remembering that “everything is a phase” with the little guy, and now is no exception.  For the last week, he has gotten extra whiny at bedtime.  It’s not really bedtime that he is whiny about, it’s the hour before bedtime, when he is really indecisive, can’t figure out if he is hungry, wants to play, wants to read a book, or wants to cuddle.

I have read about this a lot, it has the name of “the witching hour”.  Lots of babies do this, so it is not something I am alarmed about.  Regardless, it’s not really super fun to deal with, because he goes from laughing at something to crying in about 2 seconds, and then he wants to lay his head down, and then he wants to sit up, and so on.  You can see how tired he is, but he simply does not know it, or does not want to admit it to himself, I guess.  One big part of me wants to laugh at the ridiculousness of his push to stay awake.  The other part of me says I need to find plenty of activities to do with him during this time to establish good bedtime routines – I don’t want this to be a battle that we take with us for the next many years to come.

So, now is a time when the evenings are a little bit of a rocky ride for us.  The good thing is that he usually gets really worn out from all the fussing and sleeps well, but the not-so-good part is that it is not really fun to deal with it.  It is now that I again find myself wondering how single parents do it without their partner to help out, to take them while someone makes dinner, and so on.  For my wife and me, I think we just have to again be on the same page of the ways we plan to handle it, and make the “arc” from 18:30 – 19:30 ending with him sleeping in bed.  Also key is keeping the faith that this too is just a phase 😉


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