Day 76: Reactivating My Facebook Account

4 years ago, I deactivated my facebook account.  There were a lot of reasons for this, the biggest was just because it was taking too much attention in my life.  So much noise, from old friends, new friends, and so on, it was overwhelming me.

I have loved not having Facebook for these 4 years, but to meet people (other dads and moms for example), the way it happens is thru Facebook groups – at least that’s how it is in Hong Kong.  So, today it had to make the big “reactivation” – it’s not so much about my needs, but I want to make sure me and the little guy are being social.

It was weird to reactivate my Facebook account, mainly because of the old photos and timeline.  But I powered thru it, deleting a lot, dropping old “friends”, and updating my privacy settings.  I think for me, Facebook will probably be one of those things I use when I am looking for something – like how I google something or look on amazon.  The purpose is different, it’s a tool to meet people, find out what’s happening, and to build a real life social group.  Of course the hope is always that I will deactivate it again, but I think at the very least, this go-around will be a lot more balanced.  I don’t think I have a choice, I have a little guy right here in front of me daily to keep me in check. 😉


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