Day 103: Another Guy at the Play Group!

Today I went to a fantastic play group at Hong Kong’s famous St John’s Cathedral.  Every Thursday from 14:30-16:30 there’s a play group that is open to everyone.  There is a charge of 20 HKD (23 SEK, 2,50 USD), which basically covers coffee/tea and the cookies they have.  Today it was a full house, and I counted at one point 18 babies between 3 months and 12 months.  It was so cool to have that kind of attendance, and what a great opportunity to meet other parents (and for the little guy to meet some other new friends!)- some of the moms I sat with were really nice!

The coolest part aside from all the really nice new people I met was that there was another dad who is a stay at home parent.  Tjoho!  I have been in Hong Kong for over 3 months now, and have attended many different play groups in many parts of town, and it has always been me and the moms.  What a cool thing to meet another guy!

I have really liked getting to know the moms that I have been hanging out with and meeting at the play groups, but there is also something nice about having a guy friend who is in the same situation, too.  Our little guys are the same age, so we decided we will try to get together sometime.  Tjoho!

As you know, I’m not super into focusing on gender differences, so what I am excited about is having a stay at home parent who is in the same situation – a guy staying home with the baby, in a city where it is expected that a mom is staying home with the assistance of a helper.  So, it could be cool to connect with someone else who is in the same unique situation.


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