Day 104: sleep pattern change – again!

The little guy, now fresh into 7 months, is now waking up every 3 hours during the night.  Not awesome!  I am therefore trying to go back to basics with him to make sure he is set up for success:

  • Feed him well all day, and more frequently in the afternoon (this gives him all the calories he will need so he doesn’t need to feed at night)
  • Shorter naps during the day – no longer than 45 minutes
  • Solid foods meal in the evening – should keep him fuller, longer
  • Right temperature in his room and comfortable sleeping clothes
  • Don’t pick him up right away when he cries, he may just need the pacifier out back in and then he will sleep again

There are probably a lot of things that can be done, but those are some good basics to return to, in order to hopefully help the little guy’s sleep get back on track so it goes thru the whole night.


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