Day 106: Fizzy Milk Drink, Anyone?

Over the past few months I’ve tried a lot of different beverages while out on walks with the little guy.  Watermelon “cooling” Iced Tea?  Yep.  Pear and Aloe drink?  Yes.  A variety of others?  Of course.  But one I have resisted was the fizzy milk drink called “Milkis.”  I mean, what better to cool you in 33 degree heat than a cold, sweet, milk-based fizzy drink, right?


the milkis fizzy milk beverage
This week, I noticed it was on sale at the supermarket, and thought “it’s now or never.” So, this weekend, ready for the inevetable, I stepped outside and opened the bottle and took a drink.  It was interesting. 

It’s super sweet, and tastes like a melted vanilla milkshake that has been mixed with 7-up.  Or more accurately, it tastes like when I was a kid and made different types of floats with vanilla ice cream (coke float, rootbeer float, and so on) – and this was spot on with the 7-up / Sprite float that we tried to make more than once as kids and were never quite happy with (therefore leaving it to melt in the glass – repeatedly trying it and becoming less and less optimistic that it would be enjoyable.  

If I had known back then that this flavor combination would be a drink that people actually drink on purpose in Hong Kong, maybe we would have tried to develop the taste for it.  Then again, maybe not. ;P


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