Day 107: Adjusting to the Heat

I’ve written before about how hot it is here, and how it makes your face melt (ok, ok, I didn’t exactly use those words).  Hong Kong in the summer is not cold – ever.  Not in the early morning, not in the evening, not in the middle of the night.  It just stays hot and humid, and it ranges from “it’s hot out” to “it’s really hot out” (that’s why thermometers here are easy to read 😉 ).

Today I went on two walks with the little guy – one from 7:30-9:00, and the other from 15:00-16:30.  When we went at 7:30, it was because I wanted to get out there while it was “only” 27 degrees.  And when we went at 15:00 when it was 32 degrees, it was because I wanted us to get out of the house after waiting all day for the air conditioner repair guy, who never came.  By then the sun is at the right angle in the sky that the direction I walk is away from the sun at the beginning of the walk, and then when we come back the sun is really mild.

I am pumped with a purchase I made for the little guy which allows him to be out for those walks without getting hot.  It’s basically a gel ice-pack with padding on it that is meant for babies for this exact purpose.  I will write more about this ice-pack-thing later.  Anyway, combined with a portable fan to keep the air flowing, he stays cool as a cucumber the whole walk, so then it’s just me who must deal with the heat.

Funnily enough, I have come to not really notice the heat anymore after that initial step outside, or unless I am in the sun for a long time.  I might be sweating like crazy, but it’s just how it is here, so I guess my body and mind have gotten used to it.  The air conditioning in the stores here is super cold, but even when popping in and out of these stores I no longer notice the heat as I used to.

We go back to Sweden in 2 weeks to spend a nice chunk of the summer there, so it will be interesting to see how long I am freezing in the Swedish summer (I saw temperatures in Stockholm were around 12 degrees today).  It only took me 2 years living there to stop being cold all the time – let’s hope I can adjust quicker this time!


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