Day 108: New Parent Bed Time

Before the little guy was born, my wife and I were never really the kind who were either up super late or going to bed early.  We would just go with the flow, and go to bed when the time was right.

Now, with a little guy in our lives, if we are up past 22:30, it’s a miracle.  If we have everything our way now, we start the whole bedtime routine at 21:30 and are probably sleeping no later than 22:30.  The other day, we went to bed at 21:00 –  and we were literally falling asleep around then.

When you have a little guy who wakes up at 5:00 to start the day regardless of what time he goes to bed, and who also wakes up a few times a night (especially now with the teething process), you want to sneak in as much sleep time as you can – and that’s what we are trying to do.  It makes us both feel old, but hey, I guess that’s just how it goes!


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