Day 126: The Sound of Silence

The home where we usually stay when we are in Sweden is on a lake.  This lake is gorgeous, and I have come to enjoy the peaceful sound of nothing – especially in the mornings.  

The sound of the world waking up is a powerful thing, and something that offers great opportunity to find inner peace, re-center, and just make sure you are happy with your direction in life.  In cities like Hong Kong, there still is that silence and waking up (it’s in every city in the world), but it does not have the same sense of peace connected to it.  You have to work harder to find it, and then it is fleeting.  

Appreciating the quiet of the morning is wonderful, especially if you have a little one who likes to sit with you, or you have a partner who feels comfortable being in silence, or if you simply want to spend that time alone, too.  How great it is to have the opportunity to breathe in everything (and exhale everything).  So, if you get a chance to place yourself occasionally in a situation where you can appreciate the sound of silence, do it – it can do good things for you!


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