Day 127: The Sun is Still the Sun

We are back in Sweden, where the air is cooler and the humidity is lower, so it is easy to forget about how important it is to still cover the little guy from the sun.  When it’s not as hot out, you do not have the oppressive heat as a reminder that you need to watch out for the baby. When there is a cool breeze blowing, or even if it is cloudy, you are not reminded of the urgent need to check the little guy to make sure he is not getting a faceful of sun, or has not moved his leg out of cover.

So what do you do?  We have just been reminding each other to check on the little guy more often when we are out.  For example, both yesterday and today we went to the beach, where the little guy was basically naked on the lower half most of the day.  But even though the water is cold and the breeze is cool, we still had to keep in mind where the shade was, and to make sure he was being shielded from the sunlight as much as possible.  Basically, we have tried to remember, the sun is still the sun, no-matter where you are.


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