Day 135: A Baby’s Kung Fu Grip

Our little guy has at least 1 super-human feature.  I’m talking about his kung-fu grip.  He is able grab onto something and hold onto it for dear life, while it takes me and his mom a few seconds to safely get him off of that item.  It can be little things (toys, spoons), painful things (hair, noses, hair on legs, skin), or other items (tables, doors).

Here’s a typical scenario that happens if I am with him on the sofa:  He’s crawling around, while I keep my own kung fu grip on him to prevent him from falling off.  He decides he wants to crawl down the side of the sofa (obviously, the most interesting thing for him).  While I let him struggle just a little bit over the sofa edge, BOOM, his little hands grab onto the underside of the sofa, and he will not let go – laughing the whole time that I try to pry his fingers from the side.

Of course this grip can be a good thing, too.  If he drops his pacifier while I am holding it, I will just bend over and let him grab it, for example.  Today for the first time we gave him “majskrokar” (corn puffs with no flavoring that Swedish babies chew on), and he grabbed it immediately and started gnawing on it.  He also has no problem grabbing toy balls that you would assume are too big for him – nope, he’s got it with one hand, like a mini Michael Jordan.  He will also grab onto our shirts if we are holding him and will crawl up us if he gets scared or excited (imagine a little monkey).

So, I can assume a few career options for him based on this super-human grip strength he is exhibiting:

  • Trapeze Artist
  • Professional Basketball Player
  • Arm Wrestler
  • Guy who wraps the rope in circles on the ferries in Hong Kong (they have huge forearms!)
  • Something involving holding and/or bending things

Of course we will let him pick what career he wants and we will try not to push him into any one over the other ;P


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