Day 136: Those Parents Who Can’t Hear Their Noisy Baby in Public

Today we are back in Stockholm and I noticed on two occasions that we are “those parents” who can’t hear their kid making noise.  First was in our storage unit when he was squawking and whining a lot, and we just kept going about our mission.  The second was in a restaurant.  Before I had the little guy, I was usually somewhat annoyed when parents would be out in public and they didn’t do anything when their kids made noise.  After all, you should think about other people, right?  So what’s the deal?!  

I realized after some thought that ignoring baby noises that others might find annoying is because those noises are part of the white noise that a baby creates.  So basically, we (parents) are on alert when we hear those “red flag noises” – the rest just go by (to us, anyway).  It could also be that with how tired we are, it takes all of our focus to be social while also making sure the baby does not grab a fork and stab himself, so we literally do not hear it.

At least I think the other people were entertained by the little guy’s restaurant squawking, so we will have to make sure we keep going to really loud, outdoor, and/or causal places for quite some time 😉


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