Day 138: Close Talker, Close Sitter, Close Sleeper

The little guy has a full-blown personality of his own, and in his eyes you can see a presence; an awareness of the world.  He is constantly looking at whatever he finds interesting, looking sometimes super intensely – with focus.  There is a mirror in the hotel that reaches to the floor, and today he crawled up to it, and played with the other baby.  He thought the other baby was pretty handsome šŸ˜‰

One thing that is also happening is a real need to be close.  I mean CLOSE.  It is not enough to talk (babble) to me, he must do it in my face really loudly.  It’s not enough to sit next to me, he needs to be ON me.  It’s not enough to be held by me, he needs to latch on to me like a monkey. It’s not enough to sleep next to me, he must nestle his way into whatever space there is.  

On the one hand, this is all very cute and cozy – who doesn’t like to feel needed and special to their baby?  On the other hand, it’s like, “hey dude, give me some space here.”  I am choosing to focus on the cozy element of it, so that I can memorize it for the future.  After all, in about 14 years he will not want to cuddle with me (I am assuming).  And, it IS pretty cute, so I guess I will just enjoy it šŸ™‚


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