Day 139: Development “ahead of his age”

Yesterday the little guy had a check-up with the nurses in Stockholm, and we found out he is ahead of the curve with his development – Tjoho!  I don’t know why this is exciting – why should it be?  After all, as I explained to my friends when I met up with them later in the day, child development goes in spurts, so it could level out or slow down – and if it does, I shouldn’t be worried, so in the same way I shouldn’t be excited if he is “ahead of his age”. 

Nonetheless, I was proud as a dad when I heard he was “ahead”.  Why not? He is my son after all, so it is re-affirmation of my stellar parenting that he is ahead, right?! ;P. On we go, just doing what we are doing the best we can – I just hope he stays healthy and keeps developing at a good rate. 🙂


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