Day 142: The Little Guy Has A Fall

Today I woke up to a “THUD!” sound.  It was the little guy, he decided to crawl off the bed while I was sleeping.  My wife and I were at her dad’s place where there is no baby bed, so the little guy was sleeping between us.  When my wife got up to do some work this morning, it left an open space for the fearless little guy to explore.  And boom, he explored right off the bed.

Fortunately the bed was fairly low to the floor (about the same height as him), and fortunately it is a padded and carpeted floor.  So, the sound was loud, but he stopped crying right away and was his regular self during the day, didn’t throw up, didn’t get get extra sleepy, or anything else.  It was a big scare for all of us.

When something like this happens, you feel like a horrible parent.  I cried just as much as he did when I picked him up to comfort him, and I worried all day – is he going to be ok?  Is he going to develop as he should?  Will he still be a happy baby?  When my wife and I talked to our parents and other family members today, the response was generally “oh, he fell.  That happens.”  But for us, it was like: “BRAIN DAMAGE!!  HORRIBLE FEARS!  The worst possible scenarios ever!!”  But after reading about it online and talking with people, we realized that he just had a typical fall, and there should be no more worries.  Yeah right.  If it were only that easy.  Next step: bubble wrap store.


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