Day 141: The Smultron

The Smultron is one of those delightful Swedish things that you have never heard of until you are here.  It sounds like a futuristic animal, or some kind of Disney character, doesn’t it?  It’s better than that – it’s a tiny, supersweet strawberry.

These little gems grow wild and are very, very small.  So, that means they are very, very sweet.  Compared to a regular strawberry, these are tiny and packed with flavor.  Regular strawberries are ready huge and boring compared to Swedish strawberries, but the smultron really is cute in how quaint it is, while also being surprisingly flavorful.

If you go for a walk in a small town and look along the bushes as you go, or if you go in the forest (maybe looking for mushrooms or blueberries), you will see smultron if you are lucky.  Then, it’s up to you: try to collect them or just pop them in your mouth.  Chances are really good that there will not be enough to collect, so it’s probably best just to go for it immediately ;). 

If you go to a trendy restaurant or bar in Stockholm or up north (maybe in Luleå or Umeå) they might have a smultron cocktail (mojito or martini, maybe) – in any case, if you get a chance to try anything smultron, go for it!



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