Day 153: Where Did Our Baby Go?

A number of times over the last few weeks, when I have looked at our son, our little 8,5 month-old baby, and I have seen someone else.  In his facial expressions, actions, and overall, I have seen a little boy – not a baby.  

That is not my little baby sitting in his mom’s lap looking out into the world.  It’s a little boy, eager to crawl off and explore.  It’s not a baby in the grass playing, it’s a boy who next time I stop and look, will be running, jumping, riding a bike.  I will blink and he will be in high school, then another blink and he will be off into the world.

Everyone says time goes fast when you have children, which I have learned now as our baby disappears before our eyes and turns into a toddler.  All the cool things that have been happening – the learning to crawl, the clapping he does when he is happy, the waving, crawling around with his favorite toy – these will be stepping stones to other new and exciting things coming soon.  It truly is crazy how fast it all goes!


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