Day 154: Our Baby’s First Haircut

Today the little guy had a big first – his first haircut!  And let me tell you, he needed it.  It had become something of a joke to people who are friends to my wife especially, because it was getting quite long and it was not really even – and right after a shower, it was pretty puffy and out of control.

So, today we went to my wife’s sister’s place and she cut the little guy’s hair.  We set him on my wife’s lap, and to keep him still, we put an iPad in front of him (he has never seen one).  On this iPad was “Teletubbies.”

For some reason, all kids seem to be transfixed by this television program.   The writers must be majorly under the influence of drugs.  Our son has literally never seen any television program until this one, so he was just staring at it, also transfixed.  So, it was a double-whammy: 1) what is this thing with the moving pictures?  2) what is this weird program?

Meanwhile my wife’s sister made quick and effective action with the scissors, while I watched and took photos and tried not to freak out worrying about if he would turn his head quickly.

Next thing we knew, the haircut was over, and instead of the messy-looking aging hipster hairdo, our son had a smart and trendy little boy cut.  The haircut makes him look even less like a baby, so it reaffirms even more the idea that our little baby has disappeared and been replaced with a little boy.  But for now it doesn’t matter, I’m just glad he (and we) had a good experience with his first haircut! 🙂

we saved some of the hair – now what do we do with it?!

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