Day 155: How Much Travel is Too Much?

My wife and I were talking today about how it seems like it could be hard on the little guy to bounce from one place to another every few days while we are traveling.  One day here, a few nights there; a new city, new bed, and so on.  

He seems to be just fine with it, but there will probably come a time when he is a little older that he is not fine with it – when he needs less movement.  Or maybe not?

It makes you ask the question: how much moving around and how much traveling is too much for a child?  Does it matter?  Is it down to personality type and the individual child’s needs, or is there a general rule?  

I guess for me it seems like all we can do is give him the stability and routines while we are on the go, so that he never doubts that he will be fed, cared for, and loved.  If we do that, maybe (hopefully) we can be flexible and travel in a way that is healthy for him.


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