Day 170: Into the Swing of Things

The little guy slept well last night (although it was between us on our 140cm bed), so that was great – it’s amazing how nice it is to get somewhat normal sleep after those long flights.

Being as social as possible, I thought it was a good day to jump right back into things.  Why wait?  Some people I noticed seem to wait to be social until the jetlag clears, or find other excuses after they are gone and return, but to me it seems like that is the worst way get over jetlag.  Just get on with your life as if the time difference is just a long night you had, and you will be just fine.

So, I joined a group of moms for a coffee, then spent the afternoon with a closer friend of mine and her little one – we had a few stops in Discovery Bay, then the playroom.  Oh how the playroom has changed for the little guy!  Before we left 6 weeks ago, he could barely crawl around it.  Now, he’s crawling everywhere, and crawling quickly – even crawling up the padded playroom slide that is taller than him.  Crazy!  

Off we go into the week – tomorrow to Sham Shui Po, then later in the week to some other playgroups and Hong Kong Disney.  No rest for the weary! 🙂


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