Day 171: Cafe 360 in Sham Shui Po’s Dragon Center

Today the little guy and I were joined by a friend and her little guy on an adventure to Sham Shui Po.  I have a SIM card that I need to recharge every 3 months, and all the cheap places for adding credit are there (3 months with unlimited internet for just over 500 hkd).

My friend had not been there yet, so I showed her around, and then we went to the Dragon Center shopping mall.  It’s 9 floors of goodness, with an ice skating rink on the top floor.  There used to be a roller coaster, but for “safety reasons” it was shut down and all that remains is the track.

The Dragon Center is a bit of an “old school” Hong Kong mall.  The ceilings are short, the shops are small (like, seriously, they fit 1 person) – but often with very cool things.  As you go down from top to bottom, the shops become less independent and you find more chain stores.

It was time for lunch, but we also needed a place with height chairs for the little guys.  I was concerned – this is not the kind of mall where I expect the restaurants to have height chairs.  But then, as if delivered from above, on the 6th floor was a restaurant called “Cafe 360.”   

We saw height chairs, and the food looked amazing.  I would describe it as “European Fusion” – a bit of a mix of Italian, French, primarily.  I was compelled to try the place when I saw the mushroom soup with puff pastry top – and it was offered with either spaghetti bolognese or spaghetti carbonara.  My friend got the bolognese and said it was amazing, and I got the carbonara, which was also very good.  The meal comes with a choice of drink, but I “upgraded” to a Himalayan Sea Salt Coffee.  Fantastic.   

 If you find yoursf in Sham Shui Po, probably looking for bargains on electronics, I would recommend a stop into this restaurant.  It is clean and fresh, the staff was incredibly kind, and the food is excellent.  A really exciting and surprising find!


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