Day 178: Swimming in Hong Kong

With terribly hot and humid spring and summers, it is no surprise that there are a lot of options for swimming in Hong Kong.  There’s the apartment buildings – many of the newer ones have pools.  Hotels also have pools, you can basically take your pick of where you want to go.  There’s also a lot of public pools – for example in Kowloon and Tung Chung they are inexpensive and nice, and definitely a good option.

In Discovery Bay, where we live, there are 2 pool options, at both the “clubs.”  You have to pay a monthly fee to access these clubs, and when you do you get pool access, and a few other amenities like play rooms and discounted prices in their restaurants (although you still have to pay for the gym an additional fee, so it’s not that awesome).

Anyway, there is a pool at the club in the plaza (where the ferry comes in), and one in the Siena Club (by the North Plaza).  I usually bring the little guy with me to th Siena Club, because there’s an indoor part (no worry about the sun, and water is much colder).  Additionally, the pool has a really beautiful setting, overlooking Hong Kong island in the distance.  When the kids are older, there’s also a sweet kids area with a part that feels like you are in a water park.  When you think of it, it’s hard to get a better place to swim with your child in Hong Kong. πŸ™‚

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