Day 199: Appreciating Where You Are

Today I had a really nice day with the little guy and one of his friends and his mom.  We hang out all the time, and we are always on the go somewhere.  For example yesterday was Disneyland, and this week we will probably make a few other trips around Hong Kong.  But today was nice because we simply enjoyed the part of the city we live in.

We live in a part of Hong Kong called Discovery Bay, which is on an island about 25 minutes by ferry away from Central Hong Kong.  You can also take a bus to the MTR (metro) station and be wherever you want in 30-45 minutes.  So it is a little isolated, but no more than any other neighborhood if you think about it.

Anyway, today we went for a few nice walks, had a coffee, had lunch in one of the nice clubhouses in the neighborhood, and went to the playroom at the other clubhouse.  There are parks everywhere to enjoy, a nice beach and promenade area, and there are a lot of wonderful restaurants, too.  So why do we keep trying to go everywhere else all the time?  It’s one of those things, I guess – it feels like you are accomplishing something to always be on the go.  But in reality, you can have a really nice time putting on the breaks and enjoying the things that make your neighborhood / town / city special.

I guess what I am saying is, there’s a reason you moved to the place you live in, right?  So why not occasionally stay in that area, treat it like a new place, and go to the restaurants, enjoy the sights, and see things from new, fresh eyes.  It can be good for you, especially if you feel like you are getting in a rut, and are seeing the same things everyday.  If you see the same things everyday, just change the view that you take when you see them – they’re your eyes, after all. 😉


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