Day 200: How Fast Time Flies

Already I have been on Pappa Leave now for 200 days!  Crazy how fast time flies!

When I started on leave, I was a dad who loved my son and wanted the best for him – but I had little confidence in what I was doing.  I was afraid to do something wrong or to mess up in any way.  I wanted to rock this “stay at home dad” thing but was full of nerves.

So how do I feel now?  I’m still afraid of messing up, I still want the best for the son that I love.  But now, I’m more confident.  I know my son, I know what he needs and what he is crying or whining about.  I know how to keep him happy, what kinds of things he likes and dislikes are.  And I’m much more confident.  I’m not afraid to be alone with him, in other words. 😉

Of course the key will be to remember that he’s growing and changing and what is working now will change and evolve.  His likes will change to dislikes (like how he gagged and actually threw up when I fed him a carrot and pumpkin purée today, which he used to love), he will freak out about things that he has not been bothered by before.  But I’ll just know “I’ve got this, it’ll be ok.”  Onward we go 🙂


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