Day 202: Bean Bagging It

One thing that is amazing about living in Hong Kong is the used items that people sell, and for waaaay less than their value.  If the time is right and you are the first person to call dibs on something, it’s yours.  And that’s how it was with our new beanbag chair.

I met with the woman to look at it, and she launched into the “hard sell” with me.  Gotta love it when people do that.  But she also explained how to change the beans over from the current beanbag chair to the extra bag/cover.  “As a bean bagger for my whole life” the Australian woman started her sentence.  I thought, “wow, I didn’t even know “bean bagging” was a thing!”

So I got this bean bag and extra cover, but the woman had never changed the old cover and she had a cat (translation: time to change the cover).  So, tonight it was time to change the cover, and that meant moving the beans from one cover to the other.

The one tip that the woman gave was to go in an air right room, and put a towel down at the door so there is no air flow.  That was good advice – these little beans made of styrofoam go everywhere with just the littlest movement.

So there I was, trying to move millions of beans, trapped in the hot bathroom on a Friday night after I was exhausted from the week.  I tried one way, it didn’t work, then another way, that was worse.  Did I lose the zipper-pull paperclip into the beanbag?  Are they spilling out?  Are the beans going to make it to the new bag?  Talk about stressful!  I don’t want the little guy eating one of those beans, so every single one needs to be accounted for.  No sudden movements while the bags are unzipped!

Finally I figured it out. Get a hanger, hang up the empty bag.  Then, pour the beans from the old bag into the new.  Then to make sure it is empty, turn the old bag inside out while it is inside the new one.  Then enjoy the hours of happiness your child gets from crawling around on it.  The things we do 😉


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