Day 203: Bug Bites

The little guy got nailed by bugs yesterday, and today is when the little red spots from their bites appeared.  He had some on his face and some in his arms – not pleasant to look at and it just makes you want to itch when you see them.

We have lived here in this community since April, and we have gone out every day and have never had a problem with bugs bothering me or the little guy.  But for some reason yesterday was the day the hugs said “hmmmm, we’ve gotta try this guy out.”  The bugs I am talking about are either sand flies or “no see ums,” which they say were brought over to the area by importing the sand on the beaches from Australia.

So now it’s on with the bug spray.  I had two moms show me theirs today at a get-together, and we already have something that I wasn’t using before.  The first step in ensuring your bug spray works is actually using it 😉


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